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Modern Day Heroes is best known for energy loaded Live shows. Since their first EP back in 2006 the three lads released two studio albums and currently are working on their third, that will be released in Octobre 2017.

MDH‘s first album, „the sun never sets in the land of cool“ released 2008, had the groovin‘ and head-shakin‘ friends all over Europe raving. After they had won two of the largest Swiss band contests and had a load of fun on the festival circuit, the following winter the band retreated back to the 27th canton. They proceeded to hit the biggest stages from Hamburg to Nuremberg, and from Bochum to Leipzig as support band for the German/Czech band „Die Happy“. The success of this Christmas tour was the overwhelming feedback from the audience and the press, and this nicely rounded off a superb year for the MDH. „The whole feeling was just crazy!“ say the three about the tour. A special treat that came out at the beginning of December as a video and download was the fun cover version of „Jungle Drum“ by Emiliana Torrini which made big waves on the Rock DJ club scene.

Revolutionaries sought! … and the MDH are there! Rivella have discovered the MDH for themselves. Their advertising campaign for the sparkling refreshment gets Tell rocking! The song „I need a Revolution“ from the Heroes, from the fizzy colourful campaign for the Swiss national drink is a bonus track on their following album „rien ne va plus“.

Music is a global language and so a French album title and English lyrics is nothing out of the ordinary for the three German speaking heroes from their hometown of Biel to tread the bilingual language border. On the contrary, both Modern Day Heroes albums reflect their desire to diversify. „It‘s so claustrophobic to be stereotyped“ say Serge Christen, singer and guitarist, Yves Fontana, bassist, and Simon von Allmen, drummer, in unison. True to this, they let their artistic freedom take over for their last production and the result is a massive, diversified piece of Rock‘n‘Roll! „It felt like getting into an old, rusty VW bus, turning up the music, meeting Jim Morrison on a dusty road and bumping into the queens of the stone age in some desert, where I race through Alice‘s Wonderland and Australian Jets scream overhead, find myself all of a sudden in some gypsy camp next to Django Reinhard‘s great grandson who‘s in deep conversation with Franz Ferdinand, and I realise that I have to get off, because reality is hitting me round the head“. That‘s the gist from the three lads, talking about their album, which was released May 14th 2010.

After over 200 Shows the Trio decided to take a break from touring and joined different projects. And now the band are raring to get back on stage. Live music, not make music, and the Modern Day Heroes, with Serge‘s unmistakable vocals, Yves‘ rolling bass, and Simon’s stamping drums, roar back onto the stage in their usual fashion!

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